12 East Choccolocco Street


The history of this building dates back to the 1880s, when it was once a large three-story building where the much smaller building stands now. It was owned and operated by Ruby Stucky in the 1910s - 20s as a hat shop. Skip ahead to the 1960s, and a variety of appliances were sold here by Pope TV & Appliance. Charles Hubbard then owned and operated Hubbard Piano Company here from 1979 to 2014, where his shop was referred to as “an anchor of Oxford’s downtown business district.”

Research by Hunter Chase Gentry and written by Julie Skinner Mangham, November 2023


East Choccolocco Street, March 1885. 

The Hubbard Piano Company Building can be seen second from the right. 

Courtesy of Alabama Department of Archives & History (ADAH). 


Advertisement for Mrs. Ruby Stucky's Millinery shop on East Choccolocco Street. 


Courtesy of The Anniston Star, 25 March 1923. 


Hubbard Piano Company Building on East Choccolocco Street, ca. 1979. 

Charles Hubbard renovated and restored the facade of the former Oxford Furniture Company in the late 1970s. Hubbard is standing in the doorway after removal of the faux facade. 

Courtesy of Lindblom Collection. 


Charles Hubbard standing outside of the Hubbard Piano Company, 2008.  

Hubbard Piano Company was a staple business in the community for four decades. 

Courtesy of The Anniston Star, 24 October 2008.