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City of Oxford

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Dispatch:(256) 831-3121
Administration:(256) 835-6108


600 Stanley Merrill Dr 
Oxford, Alabama 36203

We are proud to be a city where safety is a main priority, business blooms, and education is thriving.

One of the most important factors in determining the livability of a city is safety. An excellent relationship with the community is a strong plus for the Oxford Police Department. We are dedicated to providing  a safe and secure environment for Oxford's citizens and visitors.


Command Staff

Office of the Chief of Police

Uniforms Division

Criminal Investigations Division

Administrative Division

Office of the Chief of Police

To provide the most professional and adequate services, the Oxford Police Department places great emphasis on the development and management of our staff. Through our The Office of the Chief of Police, we ensure that our members receive the proper training, tools, and resources needed to fulfill our core obligations to the public. The Chief of Police, along with those members assigned within Professional Services, are consistently working to provide exceptional law enforcement services.



Oxford Police Department

The men and women of the Oxford Police Department are dedicated to their profession. Our police officers work tirelessly 24/7 ensuring our community is safe and secure. It is a dangerous yet challenging call to service. Our civilian staff provides support to Operations and Administration and certainly we could not function as efficiently without their devotion and enthusiasm. You will find the men and women of the Oxford Police Department to be helpful and dedicated to ensuring our community is a safe and secure place to raise a family


If you are interested in employment opportunities with the Oxford Police Department, please complete an application and return in to the Oxford Civil Service Board. Once your application is received, you will be notified of testing times and locations.

Oxford Civil Service Board
600 Stanley Merrill Drive
Oxford, AL 36203


• Police Officer - 21 years of age

• Communications - 19 years of age

• Corrections - 19 years of age

• Must pass A.P.O.S.T. Minimum Physical Fitness Requirements

• No felony, drug, or violent criminal convictions

• Must pass a background and Polygraph Examination

Integrity  -  Protection  -  Service  -  Loyalty