Chief Gary Sparks

Chief Sparks begin working for the City of Oxford at the fire station when he was 15 years old.  Chief Sparks worked for Chief Dewey Webb washing trucks, cleaning the station and other jobs around the station.  In 1983, Chief Webb approached Chief Sparks about becoming a member of the volunteer force and on May 12, 1983, he became an official member of the Oxford Volunteer Fire Department.

On February 13, 1987, Chief Sparks became a full-time member of the Anniston Fire Department.  Chief Sparks rose through the ranks at Anniston and was promoted to Assistant Fire Chief on January 3, 2003.  Chief Sparks retired after 20 years of service with the Anniston Fire Department on February 13, 2007.

On March 3, 2007, Chief Sparks became the full-time Fire Chief for the City of Oxford.  Chief Sparks replaced Chief Eugene Smallwood who retired on March 2, 2007.
Chief Sparks is involved in several civic organizations in his community. He is currently serving on the Alabama Joint Fire Council and as Vice-Chairman to the Alabama Firefighters' Personnel Standards & Education Commission. He is a Past President of the Alabama Fire Chief’s Association and was voted the 2015 Alabama Fire Chief of the Year.

Assistant Chief Ben Stewart

Ben Stewart is the Assistant Chief of Oxford Fire Department. He has been serving the City of Oxford for over 25 years starting out as a volunteer firefighter in December of 1993, then becoming a part-time firefighter for a number of years while also working at a local company as a Health, Safety, and Environmental Specialist.

He began serving as a full-time firefighter in April of 2007. Over the years he has attained many certifications that have furthered his career with the city. Assistant Chief Stewart is heavily involved in the city by serving on boards such as the Main Street Board and Oxford Healthcare Authority, which has led to many projects being completed to better our community. He is also a member of both statewide and regional organizations; such as the Alabama Fire Chiefs Membership Committee and the East Central Alabama Training Association.

Ben is proud to call Oxford his home, and constantly wants to serve this amazing city.

Jan Hayes
Administrative Assistant to Chief Sparks
256-278-3290 OFFICE


Meaghen Sparks
Administrative Assistant to Assistant Chief Stewart
256-367-2710 OFFICE



The Oxford Fire Department operates out of 6 stations with 41 full-time firefighters, 8 part time firefighters and 9 volunteer firefighters and covers approximately 33 square miles and 21 miles of interstate.  The fire department is a highly trained department.  The Oxford Fire Department currently has a "Class 3" ISO rating and responds to over 1500 calls per year.

Administrative Staff
Fire Chief Gary Sparks
Assistant Fire Chief Ben Stewart
Battalion Chief Kyle Macoy - EMS Division
Lieutenant Rodney Ball - Fire Prevention and Inspection Division
Captain Brandon Slick - Training Division

Jan Hayes - Administrative Assistant to Chief Sparks
Meaghen Sparks - Administrative Assistant to Assistant Chief Stewart

The Oxford Fire Department is split into three different shifts with each firefighter working 24 hour shifts every 3rd day.

Battalion Chief Curtis Cupp
Captain Michael Walsh
Lieutenant Emmitt Shake
Lieutenant Bruce Rollins
Coke Macoy
Patrick McRee
Zach Osborne
Jonathan Gaines
Donald Knight
Peyton Vaughn
Adam Johnson
Eric Chapman

Battalion Chief Stephen Muncher
Captain Chad Gilchrist
Lieutenant Caylon Reaves
Lieutenant Gerald Hovater
Wesley List
Gerald Cates
Jared Perry
Eric Lamons
Eric Jarvis
Trey Arnold
Cole Herren
Donovan Popp

Battalion Chief Donnie Adams
Captain Jonathan Roberts
Lieutenant Clint Cochran
Lieutenant Kyle Benson
Nicholas Cox
Madison Mintz
Shane Calvert
Trey Forbus
Ethan Borchard
Jordan Haynes
Trent Houck
Max Cupp


Part-Time Fire Fighters

Cole Macoy
Dan Futral
Tate Adams
Hannah Rhodes
Jeremy Lee
Donald Heard
Wesley Sparks
Milas Jackson
Chris Mitchell
Blake Curry
Greg Jones


Wayne Lancaster

Emergency Medical Services

Battalion Chief Kyle Macoy

Chief Macoy started his career in the medical service at the Oxford Rescue Squad here in Oxford Alabama.  Today, Kyle has accumulated more than 30 years of public service to the City of Oxford.  Chief Macoy developed the EMS division of the Oxford Fire Department and has helped to equip the frontline engines with Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) capabilities. Chief Macoy, together with Captain Brandon Slick, help to ensure our firefighters have the appropriate training and are able to obtain their EMT or Paramedic License if desired. 

256-367-2716 OFFICE

256-278-3290 EMACC



Lieutenant Rodney Ball
Inspection Division Officer

Lieutenant Ball has over 35 years in the fire service, during this time Lt Ball has traveled to New Mexico, Las Vegas, Texas, and Maryland for specialty training. He has his CTE and has taught the Fire Education program at Anniston Fire Department, has been an adjunct instructor for the Alabama Fire College Apparatus Division, taught the Center for Domestic Preparedness and TERK Division Hazmat course. Lt Ball brings a wealth of knowledge to the department.  Whether it is fire code knowledge, pumping, ground, or hazmat operations Lt Ball has helped numerous firefighters build the foundation needed to excel in the fire industry.  

256-367-2713 OFFICE

256-278-3290 EMACC




Captain Brandon Slick
Training Division Officer

Captain Slick has been a paramedic and firefighter for over 10 years, the last 8 has been serving the City of Oxford. He is responsible for preparing training courses and outlines for fire department personnel to maintain their annual Firefighter and EMT certifications. Captain Slick helps ensure the Oxford Fire Department maintains an excellent ISO rating by providing continuous training for the department. He also teaches our annual Fire Fighter Bridge Recruit Program during the summer and our annual EMT classes during the Fall and Spring. These classes allow aspiring firefighters and current firefighters to further their careers and skills. In addition to these classes and programs Captain Slick is a certified CPR instructor. 

256-367-2715 OFFICE

256-278-3290 EMACC