128 Snow Street


A small brick building with a big history, this office was originally built in the 1890s by Dr. James M. Whiteside so that he could see his patients. His personal home was adjacent to the office, and in 1911 both the home and office were sold to John B. Privett, a local pharmacist. In 1916, both home and office were sold again to Dr. Mark J. Williams.

In time, the building saw more than just patients, being used as a temporary library for Oxford, an HVAC office, and a gourmet peanut shop. Today, in 2023, it is a hair salon.

Research by Hunter Chase Gentry and written by Julie Skinner Mangham, November 2023


Whiteside-Williams Medical Office overgrown by ivy, c. 1979. 

Courtesy of Historic Main Street Oxford, Lindblom Collection. 


Whiteside-Williams Office being assessed by Dale Garrett (city engineer), Robert Gamble (Alabama Historical Commission Director), Mary Cowan (project coordinator), and unidentified in 1980. 

Courtesy of Allison Garrett.