Police and Health Systems workers commended for actions at active shooter scene

Police and Health Systems workers commended for actions at active shooter scene

Police Chief Bill Partridge brought to life the true meaning of National Law Enforcement Day during the Jan. 9 City Council meeting.

Partridge used the occasion to present commendations to Oxford Police officers and members of Oxford Health Systems honoring their valiant actions during an active shooter situation on Sept. 7, 2023.

During the altercation, investigators determined at least 20 rounds had been fired by the alleged shooter who surrendered at the scene.

Partridge said the EMS workers were able to place the ambulance between the one injured individual and the shooter “making it possible to treat him quickly.”

“We had officers who responded to that active shooter and handled it professionally and promptly and kept people from being killed,” Partridge said. “We want to recognize those officers, EMS workers and communications officers for the job they did that day in saving lives here in the city.”

He said the training the officers do constantly “has paid huge dividends and it paid huge dividends on Sept. 7.”

Those commended for their service were Officer Austin Pitts, Investigator Seth Waits, Officer Nick Reeves, PCO Regina Jackson, Officer Michael Smith, Officer Shane Dunnagan, Sgt. Adam Holcomb, Officer Elliot Carothers, EMS Brooke Perry, EMS Carla Jones, EMS Katlan Jarvis, EMS Eric Jarvis, and EMS Brody Grider.

“I commend each of these individuals because I can tell you when gunfire is erupting from a rifle, it takes a special individual who is highly trained to go into an environment like that and take care of the situation safely,” Partridge said.

Mayor Alton Craft, who was able to observe the situation, said he was grateful for the circumstances that allowed him to see “the professionalism of these officers.”

“It made me proud to be their mayor,” Craft said.