Tutor Tots provides professional tutoring aid to your students

Tutor Tots provides professional tutoring aid to your students

Tutor Tots, a new service to aid young students in their educational journeys, opened its doors in Oxford on Thursday, June 6, at 1323 Hamric Drive East, with a ribbon-cutting sponsored by the city of Oxford.

The service was founded by Oxford resident Whitney O’Kelley, a Jacksonville State University graduate with degrees in Elementary and Special Education and a 12-year classroom veteran.

O’Kelley said her last two years at a school were more administrative, with a growing list of students she began tutoring on the side.

“I just missed working with the kids,” O’Kelley said. “As I tutored more, it became more meaningful for me.”

Tutor Tots offers help to students from pre-kindergarten through 6th grade with elementary reading, language skills, foundational math skills, fine motor skills, social skills, writing test prep, kindergarten readiness, and test-taking skills.

O’Kelley said all tutor sessions are customized to the specific needs of the student and prices run from $45 to $60, depending on the age and length of the tutorial session.

Mayor Alton Craft recalled how having a tutor helped him through a difficult subject during his elementary years.

“We appreciate you coming to Oxford and, as someone who knows the importance of tutors, I appreciate you doing this for the children,” Craft said.

Those interested can fill out the information form available on the Tutor Tot Facebook page or on the website, whitneyokelley-tutortots.my.canva.site.