Zoning Notice 2 - 5500 U.S. Hwy 78 W. - Wleklinski

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Zoning Notice 2 - 5460 US Hwy 78 W - Wanda Bolt Fontaine

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Saturday, January 29, 2022

OPAC: Biggest Little house in the Forest

Proudly presented by Foothills Stage - learn more

When Bernice the Butterfly finds an abandoned house in the woods, she sets out to make it her home. Soon she is joined by Millie the mouse, Fred the frog, Richie the rabbit, and Rudy the rooster. But when lovable Bartholomew the bear knocks on the door, chilled to the bone in the pouring rain, he finds there is no room.

Forced to warm himself on the roof near the chimney, the whole house collapses under his weight. Embarrassed, Bartholomew offers to build a new home for all of them, and soon they learn that everyone is welcome and there’s always enough room for a new friend.

BEST ENJOYED BY AGES 0 TO 5!  2pm and 4pm

Sunday, January 30, 2022

OPAC: The Greatest Piano Men

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

OPAC: Bridgett Kibbey

Residents can report a problem by submitting the form. Some examples of city service requests:

Tree limbs down causing a hazard
Potholes, curbs or sidewalks that need repair
Garbage collection
Animal control
Stop sign down
Street lights out
Building Code complaints

Reports for service are entered into a computer program, sent to the responsible department, and tracked to a resolution

Citizens are notified by text, phone call, or email when the situation is resolved