Oxford Boy Scout contributes U.S. Flag dropbox to earn eagle scout rank

Oxford Boy Scout contributes U.S. Flag dropbox to earn eagle scout rank

Oxford High School senior Jackson Jones is about to get his Eagle Scout designation after designing a dropbox that he is giving to the city for the proper disposal of worn American flags.

Mayor Alton Craft welcomed Jones to City Hall on Friday, January 5, and had a conversation with him about his project.

Jones told the mayor he began his quest to become an Eagle Scout “right from the beginning” of his Boy Scout career.

“It takes a lot of hard work to get through all of that,” Jones said, noting there is an honor wall in Birmingham where the names of those who have become Eagle Scouts are emblazoned.

“Both of my brothers were Eagle Scouts, so it will be great to have all three of us on that wall,” Jones said.

Jones said the idea for the dropbox came from hearing there was a need for one in the community.

“We need this to prevent people from just throwing them away,” Jones said. “That’s pretty disrespectful to the flag that everyone has fought for and it is better that we can properly collect and retire them.”

He said the flags are disposed of in a ceremony where they are cut into sections: the blue field of white stars, the red and white stripes, and the strip of fabric with the rings from which they are hung.

“We then burn the pieces and collect the rings in a respectful ceremony,” Jones said.

Jones said the troop would be responsible for collecting the flags from the dropbox.

Jones told the mayor he is currently dual enrolled at OHS and Gadsden State with plans on going into the mechanics field.

Mayor Craft thanked Jones for his work and wished him well in his future endeavors.

“This is something that is much needed,” Craft said. 

Jones’ presentation to the city is on the City Council agenda for its regular meeting on January 8 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.