Public Works Apprecaition Week

Public Works Apprecaition Week


This is National Public Works Week with the theme, “Advancing Quality of Life for All,” recognizing how public works professionals contribute to and enhance the quality of life in all the communities they proudly serve.

“It’s just a chance to spotlight our team, whose work is kind of ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ and give them some appreciation for what they do on a daily basis,” said Public Works Director Rusty Gann. “It’s an event we look forward to all year.”

Gann said the department has enjoyed the week as local restaurants have actively participated, demonstrating their solidarity and support.

“We’ve had something just about every day,” Gann said. “A lot of the restaurants around the city support us every year. Buffalo Wild Wings, Jefferson’s, Jack’s, McDonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts, and M&J Home Cooking are just some of those who have stepped up to show their appreciation.”

Today, the men and women who make up the Oxford Public Works Department were treated to a cookout with grilled steaks and all the trimmings.

Jason Shaw is an 18-year veteran of the Oxford Public Works Department. He said the outpouring by Oxford businesses “have been nice and have been great for all of us.”

“I was 23 when I started here, and it’s been great,” Shaw said. “I love my job. You can’t do the work if you don’t love what you do.”

The city of Oxford and its residents sincerely appreciate the work of our public works department and want to express their gratitude not just during this special week but every day. They recognize the quality and necessary service the department provides for Oxford, making them an integral part of our community.